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Hard Money Loans in Sonoma County: Fruitful Real Estate Development in Wine Country

Sonoma County, nestled in California’s gorgeous wine country, skirts the edge of Napa and stretches north along the Pacific coast through Santa Rosa. This land is as as ripe for residential real estate development as it is with cabernet grapes and Pacific breezes. Despite its agricultural roots, Sonoma County has blossomed into an international tourist destination and luxury real estate market. With Sonoma County’s stunning coastal prairies and charming architecture, it’s not hard to see why. For investors looking to add their residential rehab project or mixed-use development to this vibrant landscape, Socotra Capital can provide a hard money loan to help you get started.

Understanding the Sonoma County Real Estate Market

Sonoma County’s strength as a real estate market lies in its strong infrastructure, vinitourism industry, and idyllic stretches of coastal landscape that make the market so attractive to residents. Sonoma County offers access to higher education with Sonoma State University, Empire College, Golden Gate University, and the University of SF Santa Rosa all within easy commuting distance.

The average price per square foot for the county was $310 in September 2015, which is an increase of 8.4% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Santa Rosa for the same time period was $450,000, with the median home sales price increasing 7 percent.1 This is the kind of steady growth that inspires confidence for stable, long-term returns on your investment. Santa Rosa and Sonoma County have an economy that is rooted in a deep tradition of winemaking, whose fruits will continue to attract international tourism, as well as workers and residents, for years to come. For the investor looking to rehab one of Sonoma County’s beautiful older homes and return it to the market, or break ground on a new mixed-use development, Sonoma County is a location you can feel confident investing in.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Sonoma County Market

Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the vibrant market in Sonoma County—its idyllic vineyard landscape and economic strength have Sonoma County poised to be a successful location for residential rehab and mixed-use developments. At Socotra Capital, we understand the Sonoma County real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the liquidity you need to make your development ready for the market. If you’re ready to be a part of Sonoma County’s real estate landscape, Socotra Capital can help you achieve that goal.

Socotra Capital is California’s premier hard money lender for your real estate investment needs. Contact us today to get started on your quick approval!

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