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Residential Rehab Hard Money Loan Programs

Residential rehab loans offer funding to real estate investors who are purchasing and improving residential real estate. Real estate investors interested in a hard money loan on a residential property they wish to rehab and resell should consider our “Fix and Flip” hard money program.

When it comes to residential rehab, cash and speed are crucial. Real estate investors need the resources to execute their plan and make attractive offers that promise quick closes. For all but the most cash-rich investors, one of the few means of competing is a hard money loan for residential rehab and other purposes.

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At Socotra Capital, we understand the need to move quickly when opportunities arise. As a direct lender, we handle every aspect of your residential rehab loan, from origination to funding and servicing, in-house. And we have gone to great lengths in scrutinizing, developing, and simplifying our systems and loan process.

Please review a sampling of Residential Rehab Deals Funded to see our past performance.

Residential Rehab Loans focus on three primary questions:

  • How much are you buying it for?
  • What is the cost of the rehab?
  • How much do you think it will be worth after the rehab?

The Socotra Capital “Fix and Flip” residential rehab loan program provides flexible terms for funding of up to 75 percent of the purchase and rehab costs of the project. We offer hard money residential rehab loans for fix and flip properties from $30,000 and up, with no prepayment penalty and no limit on the number of properties.

Our streamlined residential rehab loan process offers competitive advantages and has allowed us to go from application to appraisal, approval, and closing multi-million dollar loans in as little as four days.

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Residential Rehab Loan Parameters

  • 30% cash into the transaction (if there is a seller carry on the land, the borrower will still need to come in with 20% cash)
  • 60% LTV for 12 month note
  • Extensive rehab experience and/or new home building. No first timers.
  • Cash reserves of 10% on the cost of construction
  • Cost based on the following formula = land cost + soft costs (architect, permits) + hard construction costs (must include 10% contingency) + 9 months pre-paid interest (see sample spreadsheet on server: Business Dev: Forms Templates: Construction: New Construction Sales Info)

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