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Socotra Capital, proven partner for borrowers, brokers, and investors alike

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Helping borrowers finance hard money loans since 2007.

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“It is always refreshing to engage in the details of a project with those with the experience and know-how to bring things to fruition. I’ve been working with the team at Socotra Capital for some time now. No matter where on complexity range your project falls, you can bank on the focus and expertise of this group. The more challenging the project, the higher the probability of success.”

John Leonard Leonard Development Company

“Socotra Capital has filled an important niche in meeting my land clients’ financing objectives as traditional lenders financing land transactions have exited the market.”

Brian R. Parker CBRE

“We’ve been Socotra investors for 11 years and couldn’t be more pleased with our relationship with this company. Beyond the outstanding rates of returns we’ve experienced, the team of Socotra professionals adhere to a strict and consistent investment philosophy that reduces variability compared to other hard money investment companies. Their communication with customers is amazing. They take time to really educate their investors. It may sound corny, but as an investor, you feel like you’re part of the Socotra family.”

Tom T.

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At Socotra Capital, we understand that every minute counts for your time-sensitive scenarios. We have a proven track record closing real estate loans faster than anyone else. Call us now at 855-889-7626 if you have an urgent scenario.

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A Broker-Friendly Direct Lender

We set the highest standard for reliability and performance, which is why we are loved by brokers and borrowers alike. Go beyond banking, and come find out why people chose us for their private financing needs.

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A Broker-Friendly Direct Lender

Invest with Confidence

Socotra Capital provides fixed income that is secured by real estate. For investors looking to diversify beyond their typical stock and bond portfolio, hard money loan investing offers attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Invest with Confidence

We get the job done when the banks can’t or won’t.

We are real people providing direct unlevered private capital to moneymaking opportunities that would otherwise fall through the cracks when clients need it most.

Borrower: no income, financials, or credit requirements. Foreign investors, ITIN borrowers, trusts, LLCs, and IRAs are all welcomed.

Properties:special purpose, churches, vacant buildings, cannabis facilities, dilapidated properties, and unqualified real estate

Time: 1031 exchange deadlines, urgent COEs, loans coming due, and time-sensitive escrow

Local Roots, National Reach

We have local roots throughout the country and are eager to work with like-minded folks in the communities where we live and work. With thousands of opportunities funded across the United States, we have the expertise, experience, and empathy to work with businesses or individuals who need a lender that knows your business and neighborhood.

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Whether you’re just getting started or are already a seasoned investor, the market is constantly evolving and there is always more to learn. Tap into our free resource center to read guides, white papers, and blog posts that keep you informed about the latest developments in private lending.

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