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Hard Money Loans in Ventura County: A Clement Climate for Your Development Dreams

Ventura County encompasses a gorgeous stretch of the California coastline with prime real estate adjacent to Los Angeles proper. Californians love it for that sweet, smooth stretch of highway that unfurls up through orange groves and Pacific bluffs—the 101 promises a weekend away from the city, sweet strawberries, and Spanish mission architecture.

This real estate market is beautifully located within commuting proximity of the city but offers the luxuries of suburban development. Urban spaces are punctuated by nature and single-family homes with original architecture. It’s a very popular destination for the LA professional seeking a more mellow environment to raise a family. That makes it an ideal market for the fix-and-flip developer looking to take one of Ventura’s gorgeous older homes and rehabilitate it to suit the tastes of contemporary families and professionals.

The Ventura County Real Estate Market

Though Ventura is frequently considered an extension of LA proper, many families both live and work in Ventura County. It’s a prosperous region that attracts tourism and is home to many architectural relics of the Spanish Mission period, including the gorgeous Mission San Buenaventura. Additionally, the County is home to several universities, including Oxnard College.

The City of Ventura also recently founded a technology center to develop high-tech jobs in the region and attract entrepreneurs to the area. Dubbed the Ventura Ventures Technology Center, the initiative is sure to drive growth and economic development in the region as it takes off. The strong infrastructure and highway system as well as the cultural attractions in Ventura County provide the framework for future growth, and the numbers indicate a steadily rising market. Square foot pricing in the city of Ventura from September to October 2015 sits at $341, which is up 4.9% from the same time period last year. Median sales prices are at $495,000 for the same period. 1

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