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Vacaville Hard Money Loans: Getting Into a Thriving Economy

Vacaville is rapidly becoming the top destination for people located in the long stretch between the Bay Area and Sacramento, which is great news for real estate investors, rehabbers, and professionals. A diverse economy, a revitalized downtown, and a centralized location all make this growing city poised to become a dominant regional player. For investors, getting in on the ground floor provides a great opportunity to see your investment flourish. A hard money loan from Socotra Capital can help bring that dream to fruition.

Understanding the Vacaville Real Estate Market

Vacaville provides one of the most important factors in real estate: location. Located just under 35 miles from Sacramento, and with excellent public transportation, Vacaville has brought in new residents from the booming capital who are looking for an exciting, yet peaceful, city. Vacaville also flourishes thanks to its diverse economy, which features manufacturing and attracts corporate headquarters and regional offices, all of which are bringing in residents in key fields. Great restaurants, boutique shops, and family-oriented parks and playgrounds also make it an appealing destination for many different groups of people.

The upward trend in sale prices has proven that Vacaville is a great place to live. The median sales price for a house in Vacaville grew 4.4% between 2014 and 2015. Vacaville homes are around the California state average at about $400,000, but this number is projected to increase. This is a great time for an investor or rehabber who understands the need to create eco-friendly, up-to-date homes for a new generation of residents.

Some of the key neighborhoods in Vacaville to keep an eye on are Browns Valley and anything located within the Downtown area. The Central Business District is thriving and is increasingly becoming a resident-oriented area. This is a great area in transition for an investment.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Vacaville Market

Vacaville proves that smart planning, a diverse economy, and a great location all add up to a real estate investor’s dream. We understand the Vacaville real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the capital you need to thrive in a perfectly positioned city. Vacaville is a growing city that’s potentially on the verge of taking off. Socotra Capital can help you move forward with it.

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