Tulare County

Hard Money Loans in Tulare County: Natural Beauty Meets Gorgeous Architecture

Beautiful Tulare County is home to Sequoia National Park and Mount Whitney, making it a treasured piece of California’s natural environment. Though sparsely populated, Tulare County is home to several charming towns, including the county seat of Visalia. For the creative investor looking to invest in a small town and restore some of the area’s older Victorian homes, Tulare County is a can’t-miss investment opportunity. Socotra Capital understands the area’s real estate market and we want to help you get your plans off the ground.

Getting to Know the Tulare County Real Estate Market

Tulare County is a unique part of California. Though sparsely populated, it does have several urban areas with mid-size populations and commercial districts. The area has a particularly rich architectural history, even for California. Many buildings from the mid-to-late 1880s pepper the streets of downtown Visalia, built in the Art Deco and Beaux-Arts styles. It’s an ideal town in which to update an older home with care to get it back on the residential real estate market.
Economically, the county revolves around its agricultural industries. Citrus, cotton, grape, and olive production all thrive in the region. Because the residential market relies heavily on agriculture, single-family residential development is a great investment in Tulare County.

Visalia serves as a strong example of the real estate market in Tulare County. The price per square foot for Visalia was a very moderate $120 for the period of July to October 2015. That’s a slight increase of 5.3% from the same time period last year. Additionally, the median sales price for that period was $200,000, also holding fairly steady from the same period last year. Overall, this small agricultural community provides an affordable market for residential development with minimal flux in real estate value, all set against a gorgeous natural landscape.1

Join the Tulare County Market with a Hard Money Loan from Socotra Capital

Tulare County shows vitality and the potential for long-term growth as a real estate market. Though it’s a rural area, the affordable real estate prices and gorgeous environment are sure to attract new residents and visitors for years to come. The agricultural economy provides a strong infrastructure and backbone for the community, bringing in residents that will always be in need of affordable, long-term housing. For the investor looking to break ground on a new mixed-use development or rehab a single family home, the Tulare County market is the place to be.

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