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Equity-Based Private Money Loans for Stockton Area Residential & Commercial Transactions

Welcome to Socotra Capital, the top direct hard money lender for Stockton real estate. As a local private money lender, we work directly with individuals and corporations to buy or refinance real estate by providing equity-based lending when conventional funding is not an option. We originate, underwrite, and fund all of our transactions.

At Socotra Capital we fund a wide variety of real estate transactions, such as:Stockton

  • REO and short sale transactions
  • Fix and flip loans
  • Commercial rehab loans
  • Residential rehab loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Ground up construction

We will also consider a hard money loan for any other real property projects that require a lender that is professional, reliable, and focused on providing high quality service. If it’s real estate, we move quickly to meet your needs.

We serve the needs of local investors across the Stockton metro area, including Lathrop, Manteca, French Camp, Lodi, and Tracy.

At Socotra Capital, we want to be your partner. Your success is our success.

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Socotra Capital—the Stockton Area’s Expert Hard Money Lender

There are myriad reasons why conventional funding may not be appropriate or available when you are looking to finance a piece of Stockton property, and we are very flexible when working with our clients. Our hard money underwriting guidelines for real property in Stockton focus on equity, not borrower credit. We have accepted borrowers in Stockton with low credit scores, prior bankruptcies, and foreclosures. If a bank turns you down, Socotra Capital is ready as your hard money lender, to respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs for the acquisition and financing of Stockton area real property.

We appreciate the need for rapid access to funds—with our streamlined process we can often provide you with same-day prequalification for a hard money loan. Please complete our Loan Interest Short Form to get started.

Hard Money Loans for Stockton Residential Properties

We work with residential property buyers and investors in the Stockton area to support all of their property buying and refinancing needs. Whether you a want to buy an REO, a banked owned property, foreclosed home, a private auction purchase, a short sale, distressed property, a fix and flip loan, or bridge loan to finish the construction or remodel of your Stockton home, Socotra Capital can provide you a hard money loan quickly so you can capitalize on the opportunity.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the great rental market in Stockton, check out our Buy and Hold Program. Borrowers looking for income-producing rental properties can get a variety of terms from 2 years to 10 years, interest only to full amortization, on qualifying properties pending appraisal and review of a complete loan application.

For borrowers looking to flip distressed residential properties for resale in Stockton, our short-term Fix and Flip Program allows you to borrow up to 75% of your total project costs, including purchase price of the property and the cost of rehab. This is one of our most popular residential hard money lending programs in Stockton.

Our Residential Hard Money Loan Parameters for Stockton Real Estate:

  • Up to 75% of Costs–including Purchase and Rehab
  • Up to 65% Loan-to-Value
  • Loan Amounts of from $30,000 to $5,000,000
  • No limit on the number of properties
  • Loans to Individuals, Trusts, and LLCs

Private Money Lending for Stockton Commercial Property

At Socotra Capital, we have been a private money lender providing bridge loans on commercial properties throughout the Stockton area since 2007. For purchases of distressed properties that need to close ALL CASH, we provide hard money loans on all types of commercial property.

If for any reason you do not qualify for a traditional commercial mortgage loan on your existing property, we can help you with a bridge loan to get you through a difficult time until you turn your business around.

Socotra Capital is the private money lender of choice for business owners looking to refinance, get cash out, or have the free and clear property that they need to get money to pay a college tuition bill for one of their children. We understand and appreciate our clients who are small business owners in Stockton, since we are one also.

Our Commercial Private Money Loan Parameters for Stockton Properties

  • Property Types— Office, Retail, Apartment complexes (6+ units), Shopping Centers, Industrial, Restaurants, Mixed-use, Finished Lots, Automotive, Hotel, Ground Up Construction, Gas Stations, Agricultural Land, and Specialty properties such as Cold Storage Facilities, Churches, Wineries, and Horse Ranches to name a few.
  • Loan Amounts–$30,000 – $6,000,000
  • Term–6 months to 10 years–interest only, and either partially amortized or fully amortized loans a

When is a hard money loan appropriate

There are a variety of situations that might cause an individual, corporation, or estate in Stockton to work with a hard money lender. Some examples of when a hard money loan might be the right solution include:

  1. You are buying Stockton residential or commercial real estate for investment purposes to take advantage of the market.
  2. The property is an REO, a foreclosure, or a short sale and does not qualify for an FHA or other conventional financing.
  3. You want leverage for both the purchase and the rehab of the project or property, which we lend up to 75% of those two
  4. If you own a property free and clear or have equity but you cannot get additional money out, the loan is due, or the line of credit is no longer available.
  5. Your loan is no longer compliant such as an SBA loan parameter you no longer meet.
  6. Your credit score or income is not high enough to qualify for a traditional loan.
  7. You need funds more quickly than it takes with a conventional loan.
  8. The real estate in question does not qualify for an FHA or other conventional loan because it requires renovation or repair.
  9. Your cash needs are short term.
  10. If you come up short or made an offer ALL CASH, use our HARD


If you are a real estate investor in Stockton taking advantage of this great buying opportunity, you’ll likely use hard money loans to secure the financing you need since most offers will be either ALL CASH or need to close too quickly for conventional financing. The cost of a hard money loan with Socotra Capital is a fraction of the profit made when buying correctly. Our underwriting and review process ensure you are successful.

We are more than a hard money lender—we are your partner in the project. We want everyone to walk away happy, hoping you will make your next loan with Socotra Capital. We are only private money lenders and will never compete against you in a purchase. We are Hard Money Lenders – that is what we do.

If you are a Stockton business owner that has equity in your real property or an investor in commercial real estate but cannot get a loan, we offer bridge loans and private money options that can be tailored to your needs. With our many different hard money solutions, we will get you the funding you need to meet a COD payment of new inventory you would normally use a line of credit for. We can also help fund personal expenses from an unexpected health expense or a child now attending college. Since we are an equity based private money lender, getting the cash injection need is either than you think.

As a hard money lender, it’s our job to get you the financing you need so you can focus on the success and health of your business, family or anything else that has affected your life that you need money for. We are often times the only solution and we want to help.

Choosing the Right Hard Money Lender in Stockton

For your security and peace of mind, it is essential to find a hard money lender in Stockton you can trust. A local private money source that has your best interest at heart and will treat you fairly and with respect. We will ensure that you secure the best rate and terms possible on your private money loan, typically within 10 business days of a complete loan application.

We serve the needs of local investors across the Stockton metro area, including Lathrop, Manteca, French Camp, Lodi, and Tracy.

Stockton, CA

Stockton is a city in and the county seat of San Joaquin County, California, United States, and the fourth largest city in the state’s Central Valley region. With a population of 291,707 at the 2010 census, Stockton ranks as the state’s 13th largest city. It’s the State’s 17th largest city in terms of land mass at 64.75 sq. mi. The city is located in Northern California, south of the state capital Sacramento and north of Modesto.

Stockton is along Interstate 5, State Route 99 and State Route 4 amid the farmland of the California Central Valley. It is connected westward with San Francisco Bay by the San Joaquin River’s 78-mile channel, and is, with Sacramento, one of the state’s two inland sea ports. In and around Stockton are thousands of miles of waterways and rivers that make up the California Delta.

For information on Stockton area history, geography, demographics, politics, economy, bike trails, education, infrastructure, and the arts, please visit,_California


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