Stanislaus County

Hard Money Loans in Stanislaus County: Real Estate in the Land of Health and Wealth

Stanislaus County encompasses a vital swath of farmland in California’s fertile Central Valley. The Modesto arch proudly announces the area’s local motto—“Water, wealth, contentment, health”—which is a statement that rings true today. For the creative investor looking to get a slice of this beautiful area for a residential rehab or mixed-use development, a hard money loan can help you get started.

Understanding the Stanislaus Real Estate Market

One of the strengths of the Stanislaus County real estate market is the beautiful natural environment, including the San Joaquin River. The rural areas in Stanislaus County also boast fertile farmland and a strong agricultural community. Wine grapes are the primary agricultural product in the county, providing a stable backbone for the community. The area is home to many workers and families that need affordable housing as well as commercial development. For the residential developer, Stanislaus is an affordable market to get started in—there are many older, mid-size family homes in Modesto and the other towns in Stanislaus County in need of a little love to get them market-ready.

The market is Stanislaus County is currently on the rise. In Modesto, for example, the price per square foot sits at $148 as of October 2015, which is up 11.3% from the same time last year. The median sales price for Modesto homes is at $225,000 for the same time period. The market has been appreciating steadily and shows ongoing promise for growth.

The City of Modesto is the County’s largest town and home to several community colleges. Situated about two hours east of San Jose, the county is relatively secluded from major metropolitan areas. For developers looking to build a mixed-use or commercial development, it’s valuable to know that there is a need for more vital shopping hubs for the relatively rural area.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Stanislaus County Market

As Stanislaus County continues to grow and thrive, it has the opportunity to become a hub for residential and commercial development. Considering the steadily rising real estate prices, this is the time to get your investment started and reap the rewards as the area grows. With a hard money loan from Socotra Capital, you can get a quick approval and set your vision in motion right away. At Socotra Capital, we know the Stanislaus County real estate market and we can help you get your foot in the door.

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