Santa Ana

Santa Ana Real Estate Market: Hard Money Loans for an Old and New Town

Santa Ana, a currently booming area in Southern California, is a dream market for real estate rehabbers, developers, and investors. If you were to chart Santa Ana’s growth, it would create a dramatic visual. For decades, from its founding in the late 1800s, it moved slightly upward, gently and slowly. Then, starting in the 1950s and 1960s, it curved sharply upward, growing by more than six times since then. It is now part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, making it a key part of the nation’s second largest metropolitan zone. It is highly populated but not too big, which makes it a great place for real estate investors.

Understanding the Santa Ana Real Estate Market

The driving force behind the Santa Ana real estate market is density. Santa Ana has the fourth-highest population density in the United States and the second-highest in California, only ranking behind San Francisco. But unlike its northern counterpart, real estate prices haven’t gone through the roof, partly because Santa Ana was hit fairly hard by the recent economic downturn.

This has led to a lot of distressed properties, which can be snatched up by fix-and-flip developers who are looking for a residential rehab to get back on the market as the economy turns around. Due to density, there is always a need for rental units, particularly apartments. Fix-and-hold investors can find a huge upside in this trend.

Some of the nicer neighborhoods in Santa Ana include French Park, Lacy French Court, Parkwood, and the downtown area, which is beginning to thrive again and is great for rental properties. Also of note are the leafy, tree-lined streets of Artesia Pilar, the residential neighborhoods of Fisher Park and Heninger Park, and the apartment haven of Marbury Park.

Hard Money Loans from Socotra Capital Can Introduce You to the Santa Ana Market

Santa Ana is growing again and there is a lot of room for the dedicated real estate professional. Whatever market you are working in, at Socotra Capital, we can get you a quick approval on an equity-based, hard money loan so you can get to work. Santa Ana is ready for business. Socotra Capital will help you be a part of it.

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