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San Mateo Hard Money Loans: Pushing in Your Chips in Silicon Valley

Booming industries provide a great foundation for real estate investments, and since the current tech boom shows no sign of slowing down, San Mateo continues to be a real estate professional’s dream. As one of the most important cities in Silicon Valley, the city provides a hub of entrepreneurship and encapsulates the rising tech class, who are in need of homes that fit their lifestyle, as well as their demands for reasonable commutes. San Mateo is a beautiful city full of older homes that are ready to be rehabbed to fit the Valley’s ever-growing tech class (and their growing families).That’s where a hard money loan from Socotra Capital comes in: rehabbing these houses to meet today’s standards can help you get into one of the nation’s most lucrative real estate markets.

Understanding the San Mateo Real Estate Market

The San Mateo market begins with the tech industry. Home to both startups and established companies, the industry continues to grow year after year, which creates a ripple effect in the real estate market. The money invested in the tech industry leads to auxiliary businesses, such as warehouses, restaurants, and upscale stores. In return, these businesses lead to more employees from all over the economic spectrum, who then increase the demand for more housing and even more businesses. The tech industry is the driving economic force behind these emerging markets and San Mateo is a city ready for continued growth.

Median home sales prices have risen nearly 20% between 2014 and 2015. There is still room for growth and, more importantly, room to make existing structures fit the growing needs of the tech culture. There is more demand now than ever for homes to be tech-enabled and fall within the ‘smart home’ trend, which requires a lot of electrical work. These homes also need to be rehabbed to conserve water and be eco-friendly without sacrificing luxury. Rehabilitation and investment in these homes to bring them up to the demand of the market, augmented by a hard money loan from Socotra Capital, can help you see a return on your investment in a prosperous city.

Some of the key neighborhoods in San Mateo include Shoreview, Haywood Park, Beresford Park, Sugar Loaf, and North Central. Hayward Park especially seems to grow weekly, faster than any of the other key neighborhoods. The downtown area, which is becoming increasingly residential-friendly, is a great place to invest in as it continues to prosper.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the San Mateo Market

The market is strong, with great fundamentals, which makes San Mateo a key place for real estate investment professionals. We understand the San Mateo real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the capital so you can beat in the heart of Silicon Valley. Socotra Capital will help get you there.

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