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Hard Money Loans in San Bernardino County: Open California Land Ready for Development

San Bernardino County encompasses an enormous swath of land (450 square miles) from south of the San Bernardino Mountains to the Nevada border and the Colorado River—a beautiful expanse of real estate that’s ripe for residential rehab and new development.

In addition to functioning as the hub of domestic commerce and industry for the Inland Empire, San Bernardino County is home to numerous diplomatic consulates. The metropolitan area of San Bernardino offers higher education, commerce, and industry that attract new residents and provides steady demand for housing and commercial space in the area. As housing prices continue to rise further west in Los Angeles and Orange County, San Bernardino is poised to become a key location for residential development and expansion. Socotra Capital can get you the hard money loan you need to capitalize on this exciting market.

Understanding the San Bernardino Real Estate Market

The real estate market for mixed-use and commercial development in San Bernardino County is primarily centered around the hub of San Bernardino City, one of the Inland Empire’s anchor cities. As of the 2014 census estimates, the city had a population of 215,213.

The city’s major residential and tourist attractions include CalState University, which provides steady demand for single-room housing and generally stimulates the regional economy, along with ASU Fox Theatre, the San Bernardino Mountains, and San Manuel Amphitheater, the largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States. Another cultural magnet for San Bernardino County is the prestigious Claremont College system, which attracts students and faculty from around the globe. The student population provides a steady flow of residents that need short-term, single occupancy housing.

The strong infrastructure and cultural attractions in San Bernardino County provide the framework for future growth, and the numbers indicate a steadily rising market. The average price per square foot increased 8.9% in a year-over-year measure for 2015 to $159, and median sales prices from July to September are at $210,000. San Bernardino neighborhoods showing ongoing popularity include Yerdemont and Muscoy, listing at $384,260 and $212,471 respectively. 1

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