Hard Money Loans in Roseville: Helping a City Reclaim Its Future

Real estate investors need to know what a city’s plans are before they can feel comfortable investing, and Roseville, currently working to reclaim its future, is a city with a plan for growth. In the heart of Placer County, Roseville is an expanding city that underwent some accompanying pains of adjustment, but due to its location in the greater Sacramento area, it is currently on the rise and ready to grow. Rehabbers, flippers, and other real estate professionals can be part of that with hard money loans from Socotra Capital.

Understanding the Roseville Real Estate Market

Probably the most important thing to note about Roseville is its location in the Sacramento economic region, near Folsom Lake; nearby trains and highways make it an easy trip to the capital. With Sacramento’s recent economic boom, it stands to reason that Roseville will be seeing an uptick in higher-income residents who are looking for nicer refurbished homes.

Roseville is also working on a long-term downtown revitalization project, which includes incorporating more arts, culture, entertainment, and public and mixed-use spaces in the downtown neighborhood. This is key for a city looking to attract younger and more affluent residents. And it’s succeeding, even making an appearance in several “Top 100 Cities to Live In” rankings, including in Time Magazine. Roseville is taking concrete steps to ensure that it has a future of stable, middle-class citizens, which is great news for real estate professionals.

Some of the more important neighborhoods for investors are Kasberk-Kingswood, Foothill Junction, Blue Oaks, Highland Reserve, and Sun City. Vineyard and Harding are both up-and-coming sectors as well. The median sale price of housing has gone up in 2015, but it is still an affordable city. This all adds up to a great location for fix-and-flip or residential rehab projects.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Roseville Market

A city that understands how to attract residents and one that is in a growing economic zone can be very attractive to real estate professionals. We understand the Roseville real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the capital you need to compete in Placer County. Roseville is ready to embrace its future. Socotra Capital can help you be a part of it.

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