Riverside Real Estate: Hard Money Loans for a Growing City

Riverside is a great investment for real estate developers and rehabbers, with its ever-increasing population. Given its proximity to Los Angeles and Hollywood, it’s a go-to place for film, TV, and the people who follow that industry. Of course, LA influences Riverside in far more important ways, as well: it is considered part of the Greater Los Angeles area, and it is also part of the Inland Empire. Having a foot in both of these regions doesn’t just give Riverside its diverse and fascinating character, it also allows for population growth in the double digits every decade. This growth and constant transition is great for real estate investors.

Understanding the Riverside Real Estate Market

The most important thing to understand about Riverside is that it is always growing, both in population and, surprisingly, size. Despite how crowded the Greater LA Area is, Riverside is positioned in such a way that it is able to annex unincorporated territory and even some relatively unpopulated lands. Riverside has some 16 annexations planned in the next few years, including the sizable Lake Hills/Victoria Grove area, which would allow the city to extend its Southwest border all the way to Lake Mathews.

This means there is plenty of opportunity for real estate growth. Homes in unincorporated areas can go on the market with the benefit of inclusion in a large community, making them perfect for a fix-and-flipper ready to renovate. Growth also means more residents, which usually means a boom in the rental market. If you have a buy-and-hold property and are looking to rent, a residential refurbishment can help separate you from your competition.

There are 28 neighborhoods in Riverside to consider for your next real estate project: Airport, Alessandro Heights, Arlanza, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Arlington South, Canyon Crest, Casa Blanca, Downtown, Eastside, Grand, Hawarden Hills, Hillside Hunter Industrial Park, La Sierra, La Sierra Acres, La Sierra Hills, La Sierra South, Magnolia Center, Mission Grove, Northside, Orangecrest, Presidential Park, Ramona, Sycamore Canyon Park, Sycamore Canyon Springs, University, Victoria, and Wood Streets.

Hard Money Loans from Socotra Capital Let You Join the Riverside Market

Equity-based hard money loans from Socotra Capital are what you need to get your real estate goals moving. We understand the Riverside real estate market and we know what it takes to thrive. Whether you’re looking to refurbish homes in the newly annexed areas or are looking to fill in the rental market, we can get you fast approval so you can get to work. Riverside is growing and escaping the shadows of LA to become its own distinct city. Socotra Capital will help you be a part of it.

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