Hard Money Loans for Commercial Real Estate Purchases In Sacramento

Commercial real estate investors throughout the Sacramento area use hard money loans to finance their purchases. Because commercial real property is often bought on cash-only offers, it’s essential that Sacramento investors have quick access to financing which is the great advantage of hard money loans. Private lenders who offer hard money loans can generally provide much quicker preapprovals than banks, allowing investors to make timely offers for Sacramento area properties.

Sacramento Commercial Rehab Hard Money Loans

Some Sacramento investors also use hard money loans to take on commercial rehab projects. Much like fix-and-flip hard money loans, commercial rehab loans provide financing for the purchase of Sacramento investment properties that must be rehabbed before they can be sold or used. Investors who have a strong plan for a Sacramento property’s use can realize an excellent ROI when using commercial rehab hard money loans.

Bridge Hard Money LoansFor Sacramento Businesses

From time to time, Sacramento business owners need to find private financing to meet pressing needs. Some entrepreneurs use bridge hard money loans that own their Sacramento properties free and clear while others use hard money loans to purchase inventory or cover operating expenses. These hard money loans can be tailored specifically to the needs of Sacramento small business owners when refinancing a mortgage just isn’t possible.

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