Top 2016 Home Remodeling Trends For Your Fix-and-Flip

There are a few questions you have to ask yourself when looking for a house to fix and flip. How much does it cost? How much can I be expected to make when I sell? What kind of neighborhood is this? How much will I be spending on renovations, both in time and money. But one of the most important ones, and one that can be easily overlooked, is: what do people want? When crunching numbers on a residential rehab, you don’t want to forget that nothing is going to sell unless people actually want to buy it.

With that in mind, it is important to be up on the latest design trends. There are fashions that come and go. This of course doesn’t mean reading an article about how sunken living rooms are cool again: you know that in a year no one will care, and no one will buy a house because of that. But there are sturdier trends that will appeal to potential buyers. Your goal should be to understand which of these are feasible with an equity-based loan from Socotra, and work to incorporate them into your remodel. Here are some of the top 2016 home remodeling trends.

Encaustic Tiles

Most tile gets its color and patterns from the glaze after it is produced. Encaustic tile, by contrast, gets its colors from different colors of clay. The amount of colors is theoretically limitless, but usually runs from 2-6. These tiles have a much more natural look, usually in reds and blues and greens, and the geometry that can be created by them mimics nature’s often-fractal and surprisingly-patterned ways. People love this kind of tile for their bathrooms, kitchens, and entranceways, whether it is on the wall, ceiling, or both. Natural and artistic tile is quickly replacing the normal “peel and stick” that has been popular for decades. Getting ahead of this trend will make your house look not just modern, but also a natural throwback. It’s the perfect balance.

Smart and Natural Storage

For years, we had a big wine rack at our house, sitting on a cabinet. It was nice, and handy, but took up a lot of space that could be used for prepping meals. Last year, we turned one of the cabinets, which had just been storing odds and ends, into a wooden, 8-bottle wine rack, above our heads but within reach. Not only did it clear up space, but its rustic look added some beauty to the kitchen. People love storage ideas like this, the kind that takes away clutter and adds to a room’s feel. Finding hidden areas to store things is part of any kitchen remodel, and if you can make it aesthetically pleasing, all the better.

Big Kitchens

To be fair, this is popular most every year, but it will reach critical mass in 2016. People love open kitchens with lots of space. As we’ve talked about, this can and should include hidden appliances, islands, breakfast bars, and a lack of walls separating it from other rooms. People don’t want to be in the kitchen and isolated from family and friends. They want to be part of the action, talking and laughing. The kitchen should be a communal part of the house.  

A Better Bathroom

What’s in next year for bathrooms? Well, we mentioned encaustic tiles, but we’re also excited about modern metallics, like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. These actually can go hand-in-hand with encaustic tiles, creating a unique visual melange that looks at once retro and neo-futurist, like an artist from 1887’s vision of the subway of the future. Upgrading your shower heads, faucets, and sink basin with these materials gives a bathroom an entirely new feel at a low cost.  

Tech, Tech, and More Tech

By far the biggest and longest-lasting trend in home renovation is the smart house. Making your property tech-enabled means installing inexpensive items such as smart thermometers and locks, and making sure that the wiring and communication systems can handle upgrades. It also can mean installing infotainment furniture, like a TV nook where wires can go in and out easily. Making sure someone can envision having their 55-inch flatscreen, Roku box, Playstation, and everything else they need in one easy area can ensure them that this is the right house.

It’s important to understand the difference between “trends” and “fads”. The two are often used interchangeably, but trends are slower to build and slower to go away. They last. 2016 home remodeling trends are what people will be looking for when looking to buy a house. It’s what they are looking for in a home.

To make sure that your residential rehab property can be upgraded with these trends, get an equity-based loan from Socotra, California’s leading hard money lender. We work with you to make sure your property is ready for the market. Connect with us today to learn more!


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