The Master Bathroom: Balancing Luxury with Water Concerns in California Real Estate

Located in San Simeon, almost midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is the Hearst Castle, an impossibly sprawling mansion complex whose decadence inspired everything from Charles Kane’s Xanadu to the Wayne Manor. Going there as a kid, it wasn’t the zoos or the pools or the ballrooms that most impressed me: it was the huge, luxurious bathrooms, spanning what seemed like acres, with giant showers and tubs and gilt everywhere. This was the era of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and the (then) heydey of Trump, who bragged of gold toilets on his yacht. Fancy bathrooms seemed like the ultimate luxury.

That’s not the case anymore. While not many have a Hearst-like castle, master bathrooms are almost a must in today’s properties. The question for the California fix-and-flipper, when deciding what to do with their hard money loan, is how to balance the desire for that luxury with the current drought when bringing a home back to market.

Can You Have An Eco-Friendly Master Bathroom?

When renovating a house to get it to the market, a smart real estate investor will consider improving the master bathroom. The master bathroom has been a huge selling point for many years and can improve the ROI of a home. This is a bathroom that is generally connected to the master bedroom, which gives it privacy (huge for parents), and it usually has a very nice tub (often a jetted tub), lots of space, a fancy shower, dual sinks, and other amenities. People decided that they deserved the sense of relaxation and indulgence, which they previously only experienced in a hotel or at a spa, in their own home. For a long time, adding a master bathroom has been a great use of a hard money loan, offering an excellent ROI.

Times have changed, particularly in California. While there is a lot of discussion on how the historic drought is impacting the real estate market, we know that people are looking to be more eco-conscious personally, and are also not as eager to spend a lot on luxury if their water supplies are going to be rationed. Still, people will always want nice things. The question is how you can get ahead of other houses on the market by offering the luxury and space of a master bathroom while still appealing to the water-conscious.

Tip for Creating a Water-Friendly Master Bathroom

1. Counter Space Is More Important than Two Sinks

Many master bedrooms boast two sinks. This way, two people can get ready or brush their teeth at the same time. It’s definitely a time-saver, but this setup is also popular because it creates the idea of more room. However, people also value counterspace. Replacing one of the sinks with more counterspace has no impact on the size of the bathroom, and can arguably even make it look bigger, while also encouraging water conservation.

2. Create a Low-Flow Luxury Showers

The heart of many master bathrooms is the luxury shower. Sometimes they have two shower heads, or wide shower heads that simulate rainfall. However, a number of the more indulgent shower amenities won’t be viable in drought-ridden California. Adding low-flow shower heads, which save tens of thousands of gallons a year, can minimize this. Putting in two low-flow shower heads instead of two full-flow ones can add to the appeal, and thus the value, of your property, while still being eco-friendly. It’s a great selling point, and since we have many luxurious low-flow shower heads available, you can advertise all of the decadence with none of the guilt.

3. Market Your Property as Eco-Chic

While the actual amenities in a bathroom certainly count for a great deal, it’s important that you don’t overlook the style of the room, as well.  In California, under current conditions, the style might matter more. Instead of spending money installing a jacuzzi in the bathroom, which prospective buyers might see as a waste since they’ll barely use it, focus on attractive appliances, fancy countertops, and an overall aesthetically-pleasing design. This way you have the relaxing beauty of a gorgeous bathroom without any of the waste.

This can help you when it comes to marketing. After all, more and more consumers want to be environmentally responsible whenever possible. It’s no longer just a niche market. If you can advertise that your property boasts a master bathroom without the waste, you have a great marketing tool. Eco-chic is big right now and you can be a part of it.

Socotra Capital’s Hard Money Loans Can Help

There are a lot of ways to spend your hard money loan from Socotra Capital, California’s premiere hard-money lender for fix-and-flippers and other real estate investors. A master bathroom has always been a great idea. Now there are more ways than one to install this luxury space. People who are using an eco-friendly master bathroom might not be as pampered as Hearst, but they know no one will make a whole movie insulting them, either.

Your real estate assets are your best investments for the future. At Socotra Capital, we’re proud to be the premier direct hard money lender for California real estate. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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