Fix and Flip News: The Best California Cities To Live in in 2016

Since the birth of America, we’ve looked west for a means of escape, rebirth, and reinvention. Early colonialists peered through the Cumberland Gap, through Kentucky, through the wilds of Ohio and Illinois, across the plains and mountains, and finally getting to California. It was here that American dreams met reality. And while some say the frontier has been closed, that doesn’t stop contemporaries from thinking of picking up and moving. California still calls, and residential rehab professionals should do their best to answer.

There are still going to be people loving to California, or moving within it. They’ll be looking for great temperatures, great schools, and the chance to improve their lives. When looking for cities, they’ll be looking at lists, scouring online reviews of what is the best place to live. We do the same. While at Socotra, we love all California cities, we know that when people are looking on the internet to decide where to move, they’ll arrive at these cities. This means that, as a fix-and-flip pro, you’ll want to look at these cities as well. Buying property and rehabbing it can give you a leg up when people look for the best California cities to live in in 2016.

  1. Santa Barbara. What’s there to say about Santa Barbara? This coastal paradise boasts some of the best weather in the world, with incredibly scenic beaches and mountains to appeal to anyone who likes any aspect of the great outdoors. For indoor types, it is one of the “farm-to-table” capitals of the world, with more great restaurants than you can reasonably eat at in a year. For families, the Santa Barbara Unified School district is one of the best in the state. There are a lot of people who predict that Santa Barbara is going to be a hot new tech city, which will eventually bring real estate prices even higher. That makes this a great time to jump in, buy property, and fix it up.
  2. San Mateo. Tech, tech, and more tech. That’s the beginning of San Mateo, but it isn’t the whole story. While the tech industry continues to transform this city, it is far from a one-horse town. San Mateo, and incredibly welcoming community, boasts the most diversity in all of Silicon Valley, making it especially appealing to people who come from abroad to work. It’s political leaders emphasize sustainability and public space, which gives San Mateo some of the most green space in all the valley. It is a walking-friendly town with remarkably good public transportation. It’s progressive social character means that its population will continue to grow, making it a fantastic investment opportunity.
  3. Santa Cruz. Just as good education means a better chance at success for a person, a great educational system means more opportunities for a city. Santa Cruz is living proof of that. UC Santa Cruz is one of the leading research institutes in America, and draws in some of the best and most innovative minds from around the world. This in turn draws in some of the world’s leading companies, hoping to take advantage of this incredible resource. And it isn’t like they have to entice these brilliant minds to stay in some flyspeck little burg: Santa Cruz is one of the most beautiful cities in California, a boon for postcard photographers as well as tech companies. It has a healthy real estate market that is offering steady growth. It’s never a bad time to buy a house for rehab in Santa Cruz.
  4. Monterey. It’s more or less everyone’s dream to live in a quiet, peaceful, artistically-inclined community full of interesting people located right on one of the most beautiful spots of the Pacific Ocean. Luckily, that’s pretty much the nutshell description of Monterey. It has deep historical roots, intertwined with the artistic community, as well as a sterling health care system and great educational opportunities. Over the last decade, the city has seen a slight decline in its population, mostly due to the economic downturn which forced some people out. That’s pretty normal in an artistic economy, though. Now that it is rebounding, there will be more people who want to flock to a gorgeous, relaxing, and aesthetically-stimulating place to live. It’s a great bet for fix-and-flip pros.
  5. Napa. Great healthcare. Remarkable schools. Excellent transportation. Beautiful scenery. And one other thing…oh yeah, wine. That’s what comes to mind when people think about Napa, but as a residential rehab pro, you should also be thinking about real estate. Napa is booming, as people want to get out of the crowded Bay Area, but still be close enough for work. Napa is ideally situated for that, which is why it is considered one of the strongest real estate markets in the country, and why Bloomberg predicts over 30% growth in the next four years. This could be one of those places that you’ll wish you had invested in. Better to raise an excellent cabernet sauvignon in joy.

California is full of amazing cities. Look at any list of best places to live, and our state has entries all through it, from the rugged beauty of the north to the sunny wonder of the south. A hard money loan from Socotra, California’s premier equity-based lender, can help you turn around a house in any of these great places. Connect with us today to learn more.

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