When to Use a Bridge Loan Instead of a Bank Loan

Today’s tough economy brings many challenges for small business owners. Keeping up with mortgage and operating costs can seem daunting, and pursuing growth opportunities might seem even more challenging when traditional lending is not an option. At Socotra Capital, we’re

How to Fund a Bridge Loan Quickly

Many small business owners find themselves struggling in today’s tough economic climate. Finding the financing for critical expenses poses serious challenges for many. Even meeting mortgage obligations can be difficult for business owners struggling to maintain enterprise success. At Socotra Capital, we’re here to

How to Qualify for a Hard Money Loan

The current buyer’s market has many real estate investors scrambling to pick up hot properties before prices rise and opportunities for profits fall. For investors who are eager to buy real estate, nothing is more important than financing. After all, even the most

Hard Money Loans v. Investor Loans

Purchasing real property offers investors a reliable way to build their portfolios while driving profits. Staying competitive in the current buyer’s market means that investors need to know their financing options and be confident when choosing a loan. Of course, securing a loan for the

Residential Hard Money Loans: An Overview

Whether you’ve been through a foreclosure in the recent past or want to buy an unconventional property to turn into a dream home, finding financing can be a real struggle. Even qualified borrowers can find it difficult to secure the loans that they need in

Understanding Hard Money Loan Options

Real estate investors rely on the properties that they purchase to produce income. While a strong buyer’s market certainly favors investors, it does take a great deal of financial savvy to successfully navigate real estate investments particularly in markets like California. After all,

Using Trust Deed Investing as an Alternative Investment Option

For new real estate investors, purchasing properties outright to fix and flip or use for rental income may seem like the only or most promising way to make money in the real estate investment arena. While real property purchases do account for

Investing in Trust Deeds with a Self-Directed IRA

Real estate investment provides an excellent way to build wealth and equity, but not every investor wants to go through the hassle of buying and managing investment properties. For those who are interested in real estate investing but don’t want to follow traditional

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money is often the only option outside of traditional lending for distressed properties or properties that require a timely close. Hard money loans are primarily short term notes to individuals investing in residential or commercial real estate. Borrowers often use the capital from a hard