Hard Money Loans in Redwood City: A Thriving Economy in a Beautiful Setting

Redwood City is home not only to the celebrated redwood trees that are its namesake, but also to a vibrant economy ripe for residential redevelopment. Redwood City is located in the Bay Area, about halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, with proximity to Palo Alto and the rest of Silicon Valley. The city has a long history as a regional economic hub, as a port for lumber and other goods, and increasingly as an employer of technology industry professionals. Socotra Capital can help you get in on the high-wattage future of Redwood City with a hard money loan for real estate redevelopment.

Understanding the Redwood City Real Estate Market

Redwood City is experiencing extremely promising growth now compared to the same period just one year ago. Median home sales prices have increased by 2.9%, or $218,000. Woodside Plaza in particular is showing very healthy increases in property value, rising 65.3% in average listing price for the week-over-week index as of September 2015. Redwood Shores and Oak Knoll are two especially popular neighborhoods, with both showing consistent growth in sales prices.

Redwood City is home to several tech giants, including Oracle and Electronic Arts, which employ a large number of workers. This industry attracts a lot of professionals who are in the market for modernized yet affordable residential homes in Redwood City’s comfortable setting.

Another indication of both recent prosperity and future growth in Redwood City is the downtown redevelopment. In August of 2006, a large theatre complex and shopping district opened downtown, with both restaurant and retail space and underground parking. Additionally, the historic courthouse has undergone major improvements in recent years.

With new commercial attractions and rising property values, it only follows that there will be increased demand for residential development to suit the tastes of a modern market. This type of market is ideal for the investor looking to fix and flip an older Redwood City home, and Socotra Capital can provide you with the capital to get your project off the ground.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Redwood City Market

Redwood City’s proximity to Silicon Valley and historical role as an economic hub make it a great bet for residential real estate development and residential rehab. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on this opportunity.

Redwood City’s ideal location and recent commercial developments have the area poised to be one of California’s best residential redevelopment sites, and we want to help you get involved. At Socotra Capital, we understand the Redwood City real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the liquidity you need to make your fix-and-flip ready for the market. Redwood City has the potential and infrastructure for long-term growth and prosperity, and with Socotra Capital, it can have your rehabilitated residential development as well.

Socotra Capital is California’s premier hard money lender for your real estate investment needs. Contact us today to get started on your quick approval!