Monterey Real Estate: Hard Money Loans on the Pacific Coast

Thanks to its amazing coastal location, Monterey is a prime spot for California real estate developers, rehabbers, and investors. Located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, Monterey is one of California’s most-beautiful cities, and one of its most historic. It was home to the state’s first theater, public building, publicly funded school, public library, printing press, and newspaper. It is a fairly quiet town, home to many artists, and it draws in many people who are inspired by the natural beauty of the area. For a real estate investor, this can add up to a great opportunity.

Understanding the Monterey Real Estate Market

In the last decade, Monterey has seen a slight decline in its population, losing a few thousand residents, largely due to the economic downturn. This isn’t terribly surprising; artist communities can be hard-hit by a slight shake, much less a big one. What that means is that the market has a lot of available houses and, given Monterey’s reputation as a beautiful haven, as the economy continues to rebound, these houses will start to increase in worth as people come back to the beach.

Residential rehab projects are going to be a key part of the industry. You can stand out in the market by picking up distressed properties for fix-and-flip projects. Ensuring the property is eco-friendly and technologically connected is a great way to attract new residents, and opening up older buildings with new floor plans can help you move ahead of the competition.

Some of the top neighborhoods in Monterey include Aguajito Oaks, Casanova Oak Knoll, Del Monte Beach, Deer Flats, Monterey Vista, Oak Grove, Old Town, Skyline Forest, Skyline Ridge, Ville Del Monte, Fisherman’s Flats, and Alta Mesa.   

Hard Money Loans from Socotra Capital Help You Excel in Monterey

We understand the Monterey real estate market and we know what it takes to come out ahead. Monterey is a beautiful, historic community that’s ready for some of its older houses to welcome new residents with new ideas. At Socotra Capital, we help you get a quick approval so you can get to work. Monterey is a canvas waiting to be painted. Socotra Capital will provide you with a brush.  

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