Huntington Beach

Hard Money Loans in Huntington Beach: Surf’s Up in Surf City

Huntington Beach is a dream come true for both professional surfers and real estate investors. The open ocean swells of the Pacific meander around Catalina to drift in and crash to the California shore at Huntington Beach, breaking on its famous 9.5 mile stretch of idyllic beachfront property, which is ripe for investment and redevelopment. In addition to its thriving surf culture, Huntington Beach also takes pride in its lively downtown art community, colorful shopping district, and diverse professional economy. A hard money loan from Socotra Capital can make your residential rehab and real estate investment plans just as vibrant as their surroundings.

Understanding the Huntington Beach Real Estate Market

Huntington Beach is the most populous beach city in Orange County, with a population of 200,809, according to the 2014 census estimates. Orange County is traditionally a very profitable market, and the area has seen some of the highest median selling prices for single-family homes in the nation. With its high population, strong transportation infrastructure, and diverse culture, Huntington Beach is a safe bet for long-term growth.

The community of Bolsa Chica-Heil in Huntington Beach is growing particularly fast. The average listing price in the area has skyrocketed +26.9% since this time last year, placing it at $358,775 as of September. This is the ideal market for a residential rehab. Bolsa Chica-Heil is home to many gorgeous older beach houses in need of some love and creativity to help them meet the demands of an increasingly prosperous market.

Besides its appeal as a tourist destination, Huntington Beach has a diversified and professional economy. Huntington Beach is home to a branch of Boeing, one of the state’s largest employers, and serves as the global headquarters for clothing manufacturer Quicksilver.

Huntington Beach is within commuting distance of the major metropolitan areas, allowing professionals the opportunities of urban life without sacrificing the natural beauty of a residential beachfront lifestyle. Los Angeles is located 35 miles to the northwest and San Diego is 95 miles to the southeast. Huntington Beach is also conveniently located near three airports: John Wayne/Orange County (SNA), Long Beach (LGB), and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). These transportation hubs ensure that Huntington Beach has the potential for sustained long-term growth to sustain your real estate development dreams.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Huntington Beach Market

Some towns have thriving economies, while others have great natural beauty. Huntington Beach has both, making it a great investment for real estate professionals. At Socotra Capital, we understand the Huntington Beach real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the liquidity you need make your fix-and-flip ready for the market. Huntington Beach has everything, and with Socotra Capital, it can have your rehab as well.

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