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Hard Money Loans in Fresno County: Fruitful Soil for Farmland and Real Estate Development

Fresno County, nestled in California’s most fruitful farmland of the Central Valley, stretches from the base of the Sierra Nevadas westward just past the Interstate 5 freeway, encompassing land that’s as ripe with residential real estate development opportunities as it is with almonds blossoms and fresh strawberries. Despite its agricultural roots, Fresno is a major metropolitan area, and the county actually has a population of 965,974 as of the 2014 census. 1

Understanding the Fresno County Real Estate Market

Agriculture is the primary industry in Fresno County. Production totaled $5.3 billion in 2007, making it the number one agricultural county in the nation. The city of Fresno, the county seat and the metropolitan hub of the Central Valley, is vital as a transportation center and also as home to commercial industry and corporations such as Sony Music Distribution/Sony Computer Entertainment. The city of Fresno, as well as the surrounding suburban area, is especially ripe for development as the city continues to thrive economically: sales prices have appreciated 37.5% over the last five years in Fresno. The average price per square foot for Fresno was $124, an increase of 5.1% compared to the same period last year. 2Popular neighborhoods in Fresno include Bullard, Woodward Park, Roosevelt, Fresno-High, West, and MacLane.

It’s not hard to see why the area shows such promise for ongoing growth in sales prices. Fresno County offers all the benefits of urban life along with an affordable cost of living and a strong educational infrastructure. Fresno is home to CalState University Fresno, San Joaquin College of Law, and Fresno Pacific University. Its proximity to major transportation routes and key location between Los Angeles and Sacramento make Fresno County poised to continue thriving. With a hard money loan from Socotra Capital, your residential rehab project or mixed-use development can become a part of this economic landscape.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Fresno County Market

Fresno County’s diverse population and strong infrastructure make it an unbeatable location and affordable market for an investor looking to rehab an older home for the market, or to break ground on a new residential or mixed-use development in Fresno or the surrounding areas. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the growing market in Fresno County—the area’s stunning landscape and economic power have Fresno County poised to be a successful location for real estate investment.

At Socotra Capital, we understand the Fresno County real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the liquidity you need to make your development ready for the market. Fresno County is a real estate market with staying power and Socotra Capital can help you be a part of it.

Socotra Capital is California’s premier hard money lender for your real estate investment needs. Contact us today to get started on your quick approval!

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