Management Team

Socotra Capital Management Team: Leading the Way as California’s Premiere Hard Money Lenders

Succeeding in the real estate business requires foresight, the ability to adapt to market changes, and a willingness to take risks. When looking for a hard money loan in California, you want a company that has the same principles. At Socotra Capital, we pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to succeed, and that starts at the top.

Adham Sbeih

CEO | Principal 
With over ten years of experience in finance, commercial banking, and private money lending, Adham leads the day-to-day operations at Socotra Capital. Adham holds a Bachelors of Science degree from California State University at Sacramento, and studied at the Eastern Carolina University Commercial Lending School.

Adham began his finance career in 2003 at Five Star Bank doing SBA and conduit loans for small businesses throughout Northern California. In 2006, he moved to FCI Commercial Capital, where he focused on small business owners. The following year, Adham founded Socotra Capital with the foresight it took to understand and thrive in the changing economic and financial marketplace.

Bureau of Real Estate #01792876, NMLS #304661

John Ingoglia

Principal | Loans & Investments
John Ingoglia is the Sales Manager of Socotra Capital. John joined the company in 2008 after working for several years in commercial real estate and in finance. John manages business development for Socotra, and is a graduate of Boston College Carroll School of Management.

John has extensive experience managing money and real estate spanning the past seventeen years. Prior to joining Socotra Capital, John spent his early years in New York from ’99-‘02 as a Financial Advisor before becoming a commercial real estate broker in Sacramento, doing Leasing and Investments from ’04-‘08. His varied background and experience has provided him the necessary tools to lead the Business Development Team at Socotra Capital.

Since joining Socotra Capital in 2008, the company has originated over one-hundred-eighty million dollars in private money loans. John has led the origination team on a wide variety of residential and commercial loans, constantly adapting the loan program to maintain a competitive advantage, while striving to adhere to highest professional standards.

John is a native of Sacramento, but spent ten years in other areas of the country, serving as a Congressional intern in Washington DC, attending university in Boston, working on Wall Street in New York, and working in the financial district of San Francisco. John finished his post-graduate work as a cab driver before coming home to take on the real estate finance and investments market he now is in today.

In his spare time, John enjoys golf and mixed martial arts training where he met his wife Shirley, a caregiver and the mother of his Step-daughter Presley, and his son Antonio.