Chico Image from Wikimedia Commons user Travis Thurston
Image from Wikimedia Commons user Travis Thurston

Hard Money Loans for Chico: Where Natural Beauty Meets Economic Vibrancy

For people outside of Chico, the city almost seems too good to be true. For real estate investors, it sounds like a dream. Chico is the heart of the Sacramento Valley, a place of beauty that is matched only by its economic primacy. A thriving downtown has led to a growing population even during tough times. What’s great for rehabbers and fix-and-flippers is that Chico’s best days are still ahead of it, and a hard money loan from Socotra Capital can help you join the action.

Understanding the Chico Real Estate Market

Chico, unlike many cities, saw a distinct population increase throughout the 2000s, even after the economic collapse. This was in large part due to the diversity of its economy. Chico has a sizeable, vibrant retail component, which helped support it through tough years. Its downtown area is home to many small boutique shops and restaurants, which attract a wide mix of people, including tech sector employees from around the valley. With Chico’s excellent access to transportation, many decide to move here.

What’s great about this unique situation is that prices in Chico are still slightly lower than the state average, but they are on a slow and steady upward trend. For someone looking for a residential rehab or a fix-and-flip project, this provides a great opportunity. Rehabbing to make a house tech-accessible and eco-friendly is the best way to sell to Chico’s next wave of residents.

Some of Chico’s top neighborhoods include the Downtown, South Campus, Mansion Park, Barber, The Avenues, and Chapmantown. You also might want to look into upcoming neighborhoods for residents like Doe Mill, Nob Hill, Aspen Glen, and California Park.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Chico Market

Chico weathered some storms and has come out ready to sail. Real estate is a growing market. We understand the Chico real estate market and our hard money loans can get you the capital you need to thrive in this Sacramento Valley gem. Chico has always moved forward. Socotra Capital can help you move with it.

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