Butte County

Hard Money Loans in Butte County: Invest in the “Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty”

Looking out across the sweeping forests and emerald green crests of Butte County in California’s Central Valley, it’s easy to see why the area is christened the “Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty.” With a hard money loan from Socotra Capital, it can be home to your new residential or mixed-use development as well. The area has seen an increase in home construction in recent years. The influx is attributed to professionals and families seeking reprieve from the high real estate costs and fast-paced lifestyle of San Francisco, as well as growth in the town of Chico, which has stimulated the surrounding economy and provided convenient shopping and commercial opportunities.

Understanding the Butte County Real Estate Market

Many smaller towns and counties on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas like San Francisco and the greater Bay Area have seen growth as the densely populated metropolis expands outward. For areas like Butte County, which already offer a wealth of natural beauty and potential, this only catalyzes the demand for real estate and commercial space in the area. As the growth in the Bay Area shows no signs of slowing down, you can be sure this trend will continue. For the fix-and-flip developer, this is the ideal market in which to take an older home with beautiful views and update the interior and amenities to suit the contemporary urban tastes of newer residents.

The region also shows promise for mixed-use commercial development that could offer shopping space and serve the commercial needs of a growing community. The town of Chico has become an increasingly important shopping hub for the northern Sacramento Valley. Another economic driver for the region is Chico’s Cal State University, which attracts professors and students who require affordable housing.

Despite the stunning natural beauty of Butte County, its real estate prices remain both affordable and relatively steady. To look at the City of Oroville, for example, the county seat of Butte, the average price per square foot was $111 as of October 2015, up just .9% from the previous year. Median sales prices for the same time period in Oroville were $145,000, holding steady from the previous year.1 This is a great market for investors who are looking to develop one of the county’s older homes in a beautiful area and at an affordable rate.

Socotra Capital Provides Hard Money Loans for the Butte County Market

Socotra Capital offers hard money loans to kickstart your residential or mixed-use real estate development in Butte County. This is a market with exciting potential: Butte clearly offers an intrinsic beauty and shows great promise for future growth. For creative entrepreneurs looking to Butte County as the site for their next residential or mixed-use commercial development, Socotra Capital can provide the capital to get started.

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