The Anaheim Real Estate Market: Hard Money Loans for Orange County Magic

Anaheim, which has experienced massive growth over the last few decades, is a dynamic and thriving place for real estate developers, investors, and rehabbers. Once a dusty and quiet outpost of distant Los Angeles, which had fewer than 15,000 residents as recently as 1950, Anaheim has exploded into a major city, a center of gravity in its own right, and a destination for millions from around the globe. Anchored by one of the world’s great theme parks, major sports teams, tech companies, and convention centers, the Anaheim economy is a major force in California. With that comes all the jobs and workers needed to support it, which is fantastic news for real estate investors.

Understanding the Anaheim Real Estate Market

Due to the economic turndown, the explosive population growth that Anaheim experienced for 60 years slowed down slightly in the past decade. However, the city had over 20% growth every decade prior. The important thing about the economy, from a real estate point of view, is that while permanent residents increase or slow down, the tourist-based economy is holding steady. People come for seasonal or temporary work and need places to live for the duration.

This is great for investors looking to complete a residential rehab for leasing purposes. Upgrading an apartment, condo, or house for rent is a great way to stand out in the marketplace. The market isn’t focused exclusively on rentals, however. This is still a growing city, and as previous generations have families, they’ll begin looking for larger houses. Houses updated by a fix-and-flipper will catch the eye of folks looking for a permanent residence in which to settle down.

Some of the better neighborhoods in Anaheim include Southwest Anaheim, which is home to Disneyland and many apartments, as well as great restaurants and stores. The Colony is in the heart of downtown and very walkable, with a lot of single-family homes and rentals. Northwest and West Anaheim are both very residential, but with enough amenities to make them worthwhile. If you like sports and up-and-coming neighborhoods, the Platinum Triangle is a great place to invest. Distressed properties are being lifted by community upgrades, anchored by both the Angels and the Ducks.

Hard Money Loans from Socotra Capital to Break into the Anaheim Market

Renovating a house or apartment with the intention to sell, buying property at an auction, or building a ground-up construction project requires capital and liquidity. Regardless of your project, equity-based hard money loans from Socotra Capital are what you need to get moving. We understand the Anaheim real estate market and know what it takes to thrive. Anaheim is a city in constant motion, still settling into its new-found status as a major metropolitan area. Whatever market you’re working in, at Socotra Capital, we can get you a quick approval so you can get to work. Anaheim is a city built on dreams. Socotra Capital will help you be a part of them.

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